We celebrated the grand reopening of First Assembly of God, introducing a new name of Spirit of Life Church, on Easter Sunday, 2019.

    American Indian College at the Grand Reopening

     Our special musical guest for the Easter Sunday service was the outreach band from American Indian College in Phoenix, AZ. They led us into a Spirit-filled celebration of praise to our God!


   Area Churches Join Us

   Several area churches joined us on that day and boosted the attendance to 103! This picture shows most of the crowd, enjoying the music ministry of American Indian College from Phoenix, Arizona.



Our Leadership

 Meet our dedicated pastoral team …….


Dale Lantz – Senior Pastor



Dale is an Ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and has served as youth leader, short term missionary, outreach and bus director, and lead pastor. He has often been bi-vocational and currently is a full-time chaplain at a county jail. Joyce has two teaching credentials in special education.





Dale and Joyce were married August 14, 1982, having met at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. One daughter and son are married, the youngest daughter recently obtained an undergraduate degree. They are blessed with two grandchildren. Together, their calling is to lead with the joy of the Lord and the love of God.



Gregory and Elaine Terrazas – Associate Pastors

Pastor Greg and Elaine are the previous pastors of the church. Greg is a co-founder of the breakfast ministry. Elaine is a gifted musician and part of the worship team.


Pastor Cliff Leonard – Associate Pastor/Nursing Home


Pastor Cliff is an associate pastor and also the pastor of our local nursing home.  He is dedicated to ministry at the Blythe Nursing Home. Pastor Cliff also takes a turn at cooking for the breakfast ministry.



Bill is gifted in devotions.
Ephesians 4:12-13 (NLT) 12 Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. 13 This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.

Our Core Behaviors

We believe in these core behaviors promoted by the Assemblies of God.

Servant Leadership – We are free to serve people with a pure heart because we are secure in who God made us to be. (John 13 -Jesus washes feet) 

Passionate Commitment- We turn from minimal expectations, chase excellence in everything we do, and challenge those we lead to give their best to the work of God’s kingdom. (1 Thess. Fervently serving the Lord) 

Continuous Improvement – We never stop learning and growing, but respond to every opportunity to reach our full kingdom potential. (Eph 4:12 all reach the full measure)

Culture of Honor  –  We honor those that have laid the path before us and bless those who labor among us, as we embrace a new generation before us. (Mt 11: 7-15 Jesus honors John the Baptist) (Jn 15: 15-16 Jesus elevates the 12 to friends) (Mt 19:13-15 Jesus blesses little children) 

Interdependence  –  We commit to serve one another and cease to compete, so we can help each other succeed.  (Jn 7:20-23 Jesus prays for unity) 

Outward Focus –  We actively share in Christ’s mission to reach those outside our church rather than remain mired in the self-focus of personal preferences and comfort.   (Lk 5:9-10, Jn 21:5-6 Jesus teaches to fish.)

Abundance Paradigm – We embrace life with an open hand and not a clenched fist, knowing that God will provide what we need to fulfill His will.  (Mt 11:8-21 Jesus recounts the leftovers.)

Vision – We believe God has a plan for every church and ministry and we are committed to discover and implement that plan.             (Lk 4:42-44 Jesus declares the direction.)

Extravagant Faith – We live in full anticipation that God will do in our church and ministry those things we are willing to believe him for and trust him to do. (Mk 11:22-25 (24) Jesus commands belief.)

Holy Spirit Empowerment – We desperately seek the power of the Holy Spirit, the only means by which we can reach the lost and fulfill the commission we’ve been given. (Lk 4:1 and 14-15 Jesus becomes famous by Spirit empowerment.)


Outward Focus – We actively share in Christ’s mission to reach those outside our church rather than remain mired in the self-focus of personal preferences and comfort. (Lk 5:9-10, Jn 21:5-6 Jesus teaches to fish.)

Gil and Chanel Williams

Gil and Chanel are fully appointed missionaries to Austria.

John and Joanne Bass

John and Joanne are involved with the Native American Ministry.

Missions Focus


Information coming soon


Hear the salvation stories from some of our believers.



In January 2019, my wife (Elina) and I were homeless  and on drugs. We were fighting on that day. My girl (Elina) went in one Sunday service. I followed her in and sat behind her. We were listening to Pastor Greg’s sermon. I really started to listen. Next thing I remember was that we were in tears. The altar call was given and we got saved that day.  Since then, we have been active in the church.  Our baby was born and presented to church and to God as a new child of God. We were baptized and had a beautiful Christmas wedding in the church.  We have a place to live, a car, and jobs.  We could have never done this without God and the direction of our pastors, awesome men and women of God, and our church family.  They are all dedicated people serving the Lord.  Thank you all!   If God can change our lives, he can change anyone.  By the grace of God, we have 15 months clean and sober. Thank you Jesus!”

Pictured to the right: Randy reads a poem that he wrote to Elina, his bride, for their church wedding.

Pictured below: Elina and I finished our parenting classes in October. 

Pictured to the left: (I’m the tall guy in the middle.) This is my church wedding with Pastor Dale and his best man -Pastor Greg.

Pictured above: I got to kiss my lovely bride-Elina Anderson.

Pictured above is my brother, Chuck Anderson, and my son, Wesley.

“My name is Elina Anderson. I am married to Randy Anderson. In January of 2009, I was homeless. One Sunday, I went into the church and gave my heart to Jesus during an altar call. God has brought me out of drugs and blessed us with a healthy baby boy. He took all my shame and guilt and forgave me.  He blessed us with a beautiful church family and awesome pastors that I love and respect. I respect them for their love and patience with us and for the direction and guidance!! We are truly healed by the love of Christ Jesus!!”

Pictured above: Our son, Wesley Wayne Anderson

Pictured below: Wedding picture with mom and one of my sisters.


Pictured above: My son, Ivan

Pictured above is Randy and Elina Anderson with Ivan and Lupita.

Pictured to the left is Randy and Elina Anderson with Ivan and Wesley Wayne